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Hello, welcome to my website... hope you have a nice time having a browse. 

I have worked as a lighting and video designer since 2011, graduating from Rose Bruford College in 2010. I had a brilliant time there and have had a brilliant time since. Like the whole world, I had exciting projects to look forward to over 2020, but sadly everything was postponed. I have been on an exciting journey with making digital based theatre over 2020 in the meantime but I'll talk about that later.

Since 2011 I have gradually evolved my video design out of my lighting practise to create a really blended process of light and video. I love both just as much. I work on some projects just as a lighting designer, some just as a video designer and quite often doing both together. I also have a strong interest in creative captioning- starting my work in this field in 2017 and have since made some acclaimed light, video and captioned work that I am really proud of. 


I have won two awards at the Theatre and Technology Awards 2018; Creative Innovation in Lighting Design for THE CLAIM at Shoreditch Town Hall and Creative Innovation in Video Projection Design for THE SHAPE OF THE PAIN at Battersea Arts Centre. I was also shortlisted for a Knight of Illumination award for my work on THE SHAPE OF THE PAIN at Battersea Arts Centre and  REMOVAL MEN at The Yard in 2017. 

I'm really excited by work that has voices and bodies from all places in the world. I'm a passionate ally of the Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter and Disabled led arts movements. I love pushing the boundaries of what a theatre practitioner is, says and does. I love work that is loudly political and quietly political. I love making work that comes from the heart.

I am proud to be signing up to the ALD sustainability practise and am passionate about how we can deal with the Climate emergency as artists and practitioners. I'm also really proud to have signed upto The Video Code- a collective of video designers and practitioners who believe in and actively support a fully inclusive and diverse working environment. 

Please drop the wonderful Davina Shah from TEAM an email, 

if you would like to get in touch. | 020 7281 6811 

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Here is my face.


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