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shelter me

Co-Lighting Designer with Sarah Readman


Circumference, Theatre Delicatessen, May 2015

dir. Maia Alexander | des. Beata Csikmak | sound. Aniek de Rooj

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RWD15_Shelter Me_247.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_146.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_233.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_224.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_219.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_164.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_180.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_149.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_187.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_194.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_249.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_156.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_151.jpg
RWD15_Shelter Me_188.jpg
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